about us

Plantárium is a space for plants and space for our invention. We are a studio, there is two of us and our job is to place plants into the environment of everyday life.

We put an emphasis on details, we try to perceive the uniqueness of the spaces we work with, and therefore, we sometimes create new PRODUCTS tailored to the projects.

We approach the living organisms, with which we work, with humility. We are constantly learning to get the plants their most suitable habitat and to get the habitat the most suitable plants, whether its INSIDE or OUTSIDE.

When working with cut flowers, which we weave together for various seasonal occasions, especially WEDDINGS, we prefer local resources.

We are Zuzana Pacourková and Martina Tománková. We studied Landscape Design together and founded plantárium while at school, in order to use the acquired knowledge in our own way. After two years, our road took us to Prague 3, where we built and opened Kvartýr shop & studio, along with other designers and architects. Kvartýr is a studio, where we devote to our design activities. A workshop where we cut, drill, grind, paint. A studio where we weave wreaths and tie up bouquets. A warehouse where we save all sorts of natural treasures gathered in forests, meadows and gardens. A shop where we offer our own products, house plants and seasonally cut flowers.