Signature restaurant

Plant design for the interior of the Signature restaurant in Prague's Karlín. Design concept and implementation. Our own production of wooden planters, air plant hangers and lichen infographics.

Installation: 2016
Collaboration: Ing. Arch. Tomáš Skřivan


The plant design and realization for the banh–mi–ba restauranta branch at Thámova street in Karlín. One part of the concept was putting plants into a plexiglass baguette (banh-mi-ba logo) and the second was arranging cut plants, which we are changing weekly. In the second phase, the design and planting of hanging plexiglass planters, which are currently awaiting implementation.

Installation: 2017
Collaboration: Lukáš Kuba Studio (


Plant design and installation of decorations for the spring window display of the BOTAS 66 store in the center of Prague. Our designer hanging planters made of PLA (polylactic acid) using the 3D printing technique.

Installation: 2016

Dvorek U Vodárny

A design concept for the courtyard behind Kvartýr shop & studio.

State: concept

Hillbilly Burgers

Plant design and realization for the interior and garden of Hillbilly Burgers in Letná. Our own production of outdoor planters, wooden hangers and paper containers for plants.

Installation: 2017 a 2018


Plant design and realization in the Privamed City Hospital in Pilsen.

Installation: 2017
Collaboration: Martin Drnec, DiS


Cutflower decoration for SLOU DAYS Festival in Prague 2017-2018.