The plant design and realization for the banh–mi–ba restauranta branch at Thámova street in Karlín. One part of the concept was putting plants into a plexiglass baguette (banh-mi-ba logo) and the second was arranging cut plants, which we are changing weekly. In the second phase, the design and planting of hanging plexiglass planters, which are currently awaiting implementation.

Installation: 2017
Collaboration: Lukáš Kuba Studio (

Putting plants into the baguette logo was a challenge for us. The significant lack of space made it impossible to place pots with soil, so we had to experiment and instead of potted plants, we used rooted cuttings in tubes with water. For these purposes, we have found plants that tolerate such conditions, they do not rot, but at the same time they make do with a small amount of water. To these, we have added air plants (Tillandsia sp.). To the mint color used in the interior designed by Lukáš Kuba, we chose accent colors, like pink -Fittonia verschaffeltii - and the neon-green Epipremnum pinnatum 'Neon'.