Signature restaurant

Plant design for the interior of the Signature restaurant in Prague's Karlín. Design concept and implementation. Our own production of wooden planters, air plant hangers and lichen infographics.

Installation: 2016
Collaboration: Ing. Arch. Tomáš Skřivan

Our design concept consisted of three elements - planters, hangers and infographics. We placed plywood planters in irregular lines on the wall into the sunniest part of the restaurant. We have filled them for the summer with herbs suitable for meals. In the winter months, herbs were replaced with less demanding succulents. In the rear, more darker space of the restaurant, we installed hangers for air plants (Tillandsia sp.). These were also made of plywood. The production of all wooden elements was done by ourselves, and so each piece has passed through our hands many times. The plywood was painted white so that all the elements did not visually interfere with the interior architecture and emphasised the plant itself. In detail, however, the wood contours should appear, which we have achieved by fine grinding of the painted surface. Into the space for the guests, infographics made using the 3D printing of PLA (polylactic acid), were placed. We filled them with Icelandic lichen.