Benediktská Terrace

Revitalization of roof terrace of the house for seniors in Prague 1 in Benediktská Street. Design and implementation.

Installation: 2015
Collaboration: Ing. Klára Vítová
Porcelain herb signs: Ema Mamisu (

From a clumsy intertwine of thorny firethorns and ivy, we made an ever-blooming still life with spring bulbs, dry-season perennials and herbs from the clumsy intertwine of thorny threads and burnt ivy. As it was a house for seniors, we chose plants that richly bloom with delicate pastel shades. We planted a variety of herbs that can be used by the inhabitants of the house in the kitchen, or just to smell them during their afternoon walks. The space behind the pergola was planted with the evergreen honeysuckle (Lonicera hendryi). For them, we installed coconut ropes on the pergola. There is a pleasant shadow under the pergola, even in the hot summer days, and there is also a view of Prague's panorama.