Privamed terrace

Terrace on the roof of Privamed City Hospital. Design and realization of plantings.

Installation: 2016

In addition to the interior of the headquarters, we have designed a roof terrace in the city hospital in Pilsen. The patio area was small but with a generous view of the city's skyline. We chose simple line plantings in boxes combined with seating boxes with storage space. This was to define the residence terrace in the surrounding areas of the roof. The space was so emotionally tense, while the views of the surroundings were preserved. Because the terrace is exposed to sunlight and wind, we have chosen dry-season perennials and ornamental grasses of not too high growth. We've added bulbs, holland tulips and garlic. In the color palette, we chose a combination of silvery green and white with bloody red to dark burgundy shades in accent. To create a shadow, we designed a slightly removable triangular sail.