Hanging planter

Designer hanging planters made with 3D printing technology. The coconut-like shape supports the development of the root system of the plant. Suitable for succulents. Printed from a biodegradable material. Supplied with drainage, soil and hanging cord.

color: white
material: PLA (polylactic acid)
height / diameter: 8 cm / 7 cm
cord: waxed cotton
cord colors: black / ocher / burgundy / green

Hanging planter in color

We also produce limited editions of hanging planters in a colorful palette of natural and delicate pastel shades. Made of biodegradable polylactic acid, some with an additive of wood. The package is supplied with drainage, soil and a cord for hanging.

current colors: concrete gray, mint, powder pink, sanded white, wood
material: PLA / PLA with wood

Planter Stands z o x

Designer planter stands. Made in three variants - Z, O and X - according to the shape of the base. Also available in a set along with cylindrical ceramic pots.

material: stainless steel
color: raw steel / color on request
planter base height: 40 cm, O: 50 cm, X: 30 cm
planter diameter: Z: 15 cm, O: 19 cm, X: 15 cm
planter surface: matt black / shiny white

Geometric planter

Designer porcelain planters for hanging on the wall. Thanks to their hexagonal shape, they can be used as a module to create a green wall. Hand cast into molds. Planters were originally designed for the Black Madonna Café in the House of the Black Mother of God, where they can be seen.

material: porcelain
surface: glossy white
collaboration: Lucie Volková - LUCKAVO (www.luckavo.cz)


Bulbs of Dutch tulips and spring bulbs. Available in autumn 2019.

assortment: tulip, crocus, garlic
packaging design: plantárium
drawings: Martina Tománková


All year round we make wreaths from the current plants available in nature. We prepare autumn and winter wreaths from conifers and moss, spring wreaths from blueberry and birch, summer from flowers of all kinds.