Earthy wedding

It was a hot summer day on the vineyard of St. Clara, the air was hot and smelled of herbs. The palette was earthy, freshened by eucalyptus and silvery Echinops, along with dark red accents in the form of yarrows. And delicate tones of vanilla and salmon Astilbe.

Assortment: Dianthus, Achilea, Eucalyptus, Eustoma, Echinops, Astilbe, Lapsana, Daucus

Photography: Markéta Gorčíková

Forest wedding

White and green, peonies, the forest, with the scent of pine and rosemary, with birch swaying in the wind.

Assortment: Paeonia, Eryngium, Silene, Dryopteris, Vaccinium, Thlaspi, Asparagus


Wedding by the chapel

They got married, by the chapel, under the chesnut trees. In tones of brown and Prussian blue, with bird feathers and pine cones.

Assortment: Delphinium, Eukalyptus, Eustoma, Cotinus, Echinops, Nigella, Eryngium, Dryopteris, Dianthus, Papaver, Aruncus, Daucus, Oxypetalum


Late summer wedding

An august feast with the aroma of coffee and gin. It was all in powdery, raspberry and mustardy tones. The main role was played by dahlias, roses and safflowers. And three kinds of eucalyptus.

Assortment: Dahlia, Eucalyptus, Rosa, Dianthus, Carthamus, Chrysatnthemum, Olea, Limonium, Pyracantha

Photography: Majda Šmídová & Lucie Sikorová

Yellow-Purple Wedding

The shades of yellow and purple suit bouquets of wildflowers. This is one from May, with scented sage, lavender, chamomile and goldenrod. It is composed of smaller blooms and so it looks gentle and airy.

Assortment: Salvia, Lavandula, Matricaria, Capsella, Matthiola, Chrysanthemum, Astrantia, Eustoma, Gypsophila, Solidago


Burnet Wedding

Another wildflower bouquet was in tones of white and pink to ruby and cinnamon. An accent of burnets, wildflowers with a beautiful blooms that you see on wet meadows and pastures in the summer. The whole bouquet consisted of plants of domestic flora and their ornamental cultivars.

Assortment: Sanguisorba, Veronica, Thlaspi, Daucus dara, Nigella, Matricaria, Echinops, Scabiosa, Aster


wedding on the farm

To call it a Provence-styled wedding would be a bit of a cliché, but the white color, the lavender scent, and the shade of the olive trees probably never gets old. So, at the wish of the bride, we all tied it up in a bouquet and added delicate shades of pink and salmon.

Assortment: Rosa, Dahlia, Eustoma, Limonium, Olea, Gypsophila, Aster, Astrantia


art nouveau wedding

Powder pink and blue, with a touch of Art Nouveau, in a forest garden of an old Villa. Roses, peonies and chrysanthemums refreshed with eucalyptus, which played a main role. The accent was blushing blue in the form of love-in-a-mists.

Assortment: Rosa, Paeonia, Chrysanthemum, Eucalyptus, Nigella, Eryngium, Astrantia

a wedding in the fields

They got married among the fields, under an old oak, with the sun above their heads and the wind in their hair. Vzali se mezi poli, pod památným dubem, se sluncem nad hlavou a větrem ve vlasech. Knapweeds, chamomile and pennycress from the edges of the dirt roads and forget-me-nots for the memories.

Assortment: Centaurea, Thlaspi, Eustoma, Matricaria, Myosotis, Campanula, Daucus


herb wedding

This bouquet was entirely put together from herbs, as it was the bride's request. A very fragrant bouquet, mainly green, no distinctive blooms. This could be dried for a healing infusion.

Assortment: Nigella, Salvia, Melissa, Mentha, Ammi, Rosmarinus, Sambucus, Papaver


other blooms

Fragments from our flower production.